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Sala ipogea del MUST di Matera

Hall of Trades

The first room was initially used as an oil mill, of which there are traces and some significant findings such as the stone that was used for milling olives, operated by the inevitable and tireless mule.
On the left of the largest room is the beam of the press.
The horizontal beam housed the worm screw, whose rotation allowed the pressing of the olive paste. The liquid obtained was decanted, in this way the vegetation water and the oil were separated naturally and the final product was obtained. This space will later become a cellar for the production of wine. The same press with a different mechanism will be used for the pressing of must.
An attentive and observant eye will certainly not miss the presence of numerous fossil shells. Ancient memory of a period in which this territory was submerged by water, as a consequence of the clash between African and European clods, this territory has rippled sand, fossils and shells, elements rich in calcium carbonate that makes this stone so easy to dig and subject to easy dissolution by rainwater.

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