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MUST di Matera - Particolare

Exhibition Hall

In a passage room, between the work station and the storage area of the finished products, it is possible to observe some engravings in the calcarenite bench, the “notches”, which were used to count the days of work done on site or to indicate the quantity of grapes stored or poured in the tanks, the vinification process was in fact quite long and there was the risk of forgetting the numbers related to the previous steps.
On the opposite wall there are three photographs depicting a Matera of the ’60s. The first two shots are a courtesy of Notarangelo Archive, journalist, writer, but above all exceptional witness of the life of the Sassi and its inhabitants: in the center in particular women gathered around a fountain, meeting place par excellence. The third shot is instead a kind concession of the APT Basilicata, a slide that portrays a fiat 850 parked in an almost deserted city.

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