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MUST di Matera - Particolare del giardino ipogeo

Cellar and Garden

The lowest room, the cellar, guaranteed the best conditions for the preservation and aging of wine; the excavation, in order to be considered as a workmanlike process, had to guarantee the passage of light only in the central area, (in order not to waste oil or candles for lighting) leaving the sides, where barrels were kept, always in shadow. The tanks contained a sort of wooden rails, in order to prevent the barrels, directly leaning on the typically moist stone, from compromising the good quality of the wine stored here. Adjacent to the cellar there is a service room, which became a magnificent Hypogeum Garden, a tribute to the natural park of Murgia. Inside the garden it is possible to make a sensorial journey through the scents, smells and colors that nature takes in the immediate vicinity of the city of Matera.

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